Introducing the World’s First Data Currency

The Zeno is a first-of-a-kind digital currency enabling a true data & digital asset economy. Providing the medium of exchange for the transaction layer of the Internet.

A new type of currency brought to life through the Zenotta Digital System

The Zenotta Digital System enables the transaction of digital assets peer-to-peer, providing a secure end-to-end solution for payments, files, and data of any kind. The Internet Transaction & Trade Protocol (ITTP) solves the data double spend problem, which ensures that value, rather than just information, can be transferred across the Internet in a secure and efficient manner, while preserving rights, privacy, and digital identity.

The Smart Data protocol embues data with rights & ownership

A world-first two-way universal ledger effects real economic trade between a data asset and the Zeno

A hybrid blockchain network defends the rights & digital ownership of assets with scalable & secure distributed consensus

The Zenotta blockchain

The Layer-1 of choice enabling peer-to-peer trade in distributed marketplaces & metaverses.

The Zenotta blockchain, with its innovative structure and network topology, provides the consensus-defended ownership & rights transactability behind ITTP.

Captures the value of digital rights at the blockchain level

Solves the double spend problem for data and enables data provenance

Peer-to-peer trade of assets, not just payments, with corresponding receipts

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Moving value across the Internet requires a medium of exchange. In order to facilitate global digital trade and unlock data value for economic growth we introduce the Zeno — the world’s first data currency and the currency of the Smart Data economy.

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