Solving and shaping the future of web3

Zenotta extends all web2 offerings to web3, solving payments, trade, smart contracting, digital rights and identity, and going beyond, as a result of our Smart Data technology & innovative blockchain protocols.

Zenotta’s starting four key market segments

Zenotta aims to capture a significant share of a growing web3 market, already valued at over $6 trillion.

Zenotta’s Internet Transaction & Trade Protocol (ITTP) is the catalyst powering the economic trade & monetisation of data for web3 & beyond.


Projected Size

$278 billion by 2026*

Our solution

A composable SDK (software development kit) including a Wallet, Market Explorer and Smart Data handling & features a 2-way atomic ledger & non-custodial cross-chain integration.

Why Game-Fi?

PlayingFields, a new Game-Fi release platform, provides Zenotta with a unique trojan opportunity for wide wallet distribution and token traction at scale, which supports our strategy.

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Digital Asset Backed NFTs (NFAs)

Projected Size

$80 billion by 2025*

Our solution

Digital Ownership & rights protection is crucial to web3. A secure NFA is required across digital art, DRM (digital rights management) & digital paper certification. Strong use cases for ticketing & audits.

Why NFAs

The Zenotta SmartData protocol introduces watermarking technology ensuring the digital asset is provably unique, enabling control of the copy, edit & double spend problem for all data objects.

*Statista Digital Market Outlook

Smart Digital Identity

Projected Size

$49.5 billion by 2025*

Our solution

The solution for a Self-Determined Composable Digital Identity. Smart Digital Identity complete with KYC/AML features, compliant with CCPA & GDPR, allowing the right to be forgotten.

Why Smart Digital Identity

Through a digital Identity, data is secured & compliant in a novel and unique manner, including the right to be forgotten.

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Smart De-Fi

Projected Size

$80 billion by 2025*

Our solution

Assigning actuarial risk categories to DeFi products & avoid cascading failure. SmartDeFi combines DeFi with cross-chain swap functionality to enable BTC & ETH to fund DeFi Products.

Why Smart De-Fi

3rd party risk exposure and lack of automation in smart contract design & execution leads to low adoption of DeFi products. Extensive wallet distribution opportunities due to sheer market size.