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Learn about the inventions that enable the first data currency and the first true digital economy. See our roadmap below for achieving global reach.

The technology developed by Zenotta will allow digital assets to attain the uniqueness, security, and authenticity of real-world assets, with the Zeno acting as the medium-of-exchange.

Smart Data

The Smart Data protocol enables trustless economic collaboration through blockchain-based file governance that allows individual files to be traded as digital assets.

Peer-to-peer trade

Consensus defended. Censorship resistant. Scalable. A two-way universal ledger brings trade into the digital realm by tracking payments and assets on the blockchain, natively peer-to-peer.

The Zenotta blockchain

Inspired by Bitcoin’s original blockchain, but updated for the environmentally-conscious age, Zenotta’s blockchain gives everyone the chance to participate in building the digital economy.

Where we’re going


2015 – END 2023

Historical development

  • Testnet & Swaps live
  • Native wallet development
  • Mining client launch
  • Two-way transaction & trade protocol patent
  • Game keycard “just add blockchain” SDK & API router
  • BALANCE(S) design for network centralization resistance

Key Projects

  • Dual double entry ledger
  • Hybrid “Pisces” architecture

Key Outcomes

  • Smart Data design
  • Receipt-based payments
  • Core contributor developers & miners


Q1 2024 – Q3 2024

Pre-listing development

  • Stabilization & security improvements
  • Multi-node network
  • BFT for mempool & ledger storage nodes
  • Stateless contract design PoC
  • Javascript API
  • Scalable mining on EKS

Key Projects

  • Full wallet
  • Playingfields_ beta
  • Atomic non-custodial cross-chain swaps

Key Outcomes

  • Bridging of the Zeno to EVM chains
  • Expanding developer & mining communities


Q3 2024 – Q2 2025


  • Security aduit
  • Full Keccak prime block linking function in mining algorithm
  • Intermediate TX language released (Zentrum, inspired by Balzac)
  • Revised block explorer
  • GPU mining optimization

Key Projects

  • Onboarding of TradFi & DeFi projects
  • Security improvements based on audit findings
  • High-level stateless contract modeling language & verifer (ZenML, inspired by BitML)

Key Outcomes

  • Public ERC-20 token listing
  • Data protocol MVP


Q3 2025 onwards


  • Extend scripting language (e.g. convenants, randomness)
  • BALANCE(S) algorithm implemented in mining process
  • DeFi infrastructure (e.g. Oracles)
  • Quantum proofing (signatures & communication between nodes)
  • Zentrum TX language for Smart Data
  • Legal framework for digital assets

Key Projects

  • Onboarding of gaming projects
  • Composable SSID protocol
  • Intercom nodes for decentralized marketplaces

Key Outcomes

  • Large, global development community
  • Public native Zeno token listing
  • Dapp & Wapp development & onboarding
  • Next roadmap for 2026-30 released