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Learn about the inventions that enable ITTP and the first true digital economy. The technology developed by Zenotta will allow digital assets to attain the uniqueness, security, and authenticity of real-world assets.

See our roadmap below for achieving global reach.

Smart Data

The Smart Data protocol enables trustless economic collaboration through blockchain-based file governance that allows individual files to be traded as digital assets.

Peer-to-peer trade

Consensus defended. Censorship resistant. Scalable. A two-way universal ledger brings trade into the digital realm by tracking payments and assets on the blockchain, natively peer-to-peer.

The Zenotta blockchain

Inspired by Bitcoin’s original blockchain, but updated for the environmentally-conscious age, Zenotta’s blockchain gives everyone the chance to participate in building the digital economy.

Where we’re going


2015 – END 2022

Pre-listing development

  • Testnet & Swaps live
  • Wallet development
  • Playingfields_ foundation
  • Mining client launch
  • Dual protocol patent
  • Successful funding

Key Projects

  • Game keycard ‘Just add blockchain’ SDK
  • State Wallet commercial release

Key Outcomes

  • ERC20 Exchange listing
  • First Testnet developers
  • Receipt-based payments


2015 – END 2022

Post-listing development

  • Zenotta SDK
  • Smart Data File handling
  • Client side search engine (web3 Google)
  • Interchain support

Key Projects

  • Client side explorer
  • Asset management in wallet
  • Zenotta Law & enterprise governance

Key Outcomes

  • Playingfields_ beta live
  • Core contributor developers
  • BeatBack live (DRM for music)


Q3 2023 – Q2 2024


  • Hadrian Smart contracting toolchain
  • Archival Ledger technology
  • Zenotta enterprise payment solutions

Key Projects

  • Financial contract platform
  • Blockchain data archival process
  • Custody services

Key Outcomes

  • Native token exchange listing
  • Defi product release
  • Smart contract & DApp development
  • GitHub Repo
  • Playingfields_ & BeatBack release


2024 – 2026


  • Smart browsers
  • SABRE secure payment network
  • Quantum-proofing & core code update

Key Projects

  • Peer-to-peer trade across metaverses

Key Outcomes

  • Largest Alphanet development community
  • Next roadmap for 2026-30 released